The fundamental mystical Teaching is based on oral transmission. Its written part, which is represented here, cannot be other but limited. Because our website is in its beginnings, only a handful of articles and poems have been published as of yet.

Some key concepts of our school

– pop-advaita is a disastrous plague

– nirvāṇa is always relative, never absolute

– karma is a segment of paribhāva

– any Ultimate/Highest Goal/Principle as such is limited by its own linear conception

– the real place of our soul (kanda) is outside the body

– the body is not ours, is part of the Goddess, and is here to teach us

– proper comprehending words vs their meaning can be crucial in high practices

No consciousness can reach Love, the non-body Heart, the Goddess – no ‘I’ can reach it, no ‘I am Absolute’ can reach it. Only worship leads there, only worship goes beyond the masks of the ‘I.’

Theoretical foundation

Technical terms

Some remarks on cakras, nāḍīs and kuṇḍalinī

The three-point system of solving karma

Paribhāva vs karma

Ahaṃkāra: The four types of identifiers

Ahaṃtā and the nine bhuvana-identities

Kanda, avakanda, prakanda: a.k.a. about the soul

Servitude of the non-holy trinity

Triplicity of the Teacher

Nourishment of the deities

On sādhanā

Three types of meditation

Three approaches entering the maṇḍala


Drops of dew

You want to comprehend