The founder (i.e. kulakara) of our school is Rasa Ravi (Rasara). He established the main framework of our Teaching and developed meditation techniques that can lead the diligent to an all-day meditation practice (and beyond). This, after a period of time, is not a dull drill anymore but a real adventure (of ‘scanning’ the microcosm) and even fun. Such regular sādhanā in our conception is only an introduction to higher practices.

We have no affiliations with Asian (or any other) denominations or Gurus/Lamas. Our core esoteric and philosophical teaching is derived from our founder’s recurrent mystical revelations and is complemented and further developed by those who by heart have become family members.

Rasa Ravi

Rasa Ravi (b. 1969)


kulakara, founder

2021: āveśa encounters with the Goddess

2020: creation of Śikhara, web development and beginning of video uploads to YouTube

2013: set up of Siddhaika Publishing with an orientation toward both scholarly and mystical literature of India (only in Czech)

2012: study of Sanskrit, privately, firstly in Prague, later on in Trivandrum

2009 (Christmastime): the first all-day sādhanā of the Regular Saturday Meditation cycle, still ongoing now

2008–2009: year-long leadership of Nétra, a Czech study group on Indian philosophy

2007–2021: establishment of Siddhaika, a Czech non-profit organization to promote Indian culture

2004–2017: creation and development of tantrajoga.cz (in Czech, now defunct), an extensive website with many rather scholarly articles and translations, the aim of which was primarily to educate readers about the fact that reducing Tantra to sex and Yoga into āsanas is not only a primitive approach, but also a ridicule of Indian traditions themselves (as the topic is obvious worldwide, this naïve aim was, and now definitely is, unattainable, therefore in general, we avoid using these terms whatsoever)

1998–2008: founder of Ágamická škola, a Czech spiritual school with a comprehensive scheme: working out karma, understanding and building up the inner space, breathing techniques, nine vimānas of the head cakra (chakra), etc.

I was born into a Hungarian-speaking minority group in the eastern Slovak part of the former Czechoslovakia. In the early 90s I moved to Prague, and repeatedly resided at times in Pilsen as well.

Vojtěch Nárovec

Vojtěch Nárovec (b. 1990)


initiated śikharin

kulācārya, founder of the spiritual school ‘Měsíc ve dne’ (‘Daylight Moon’)

2020 (Dec 30, 2020): initiation into śikharin-hood

2020: interconnection of my former teachings with that of Śikhara

2018: leading an inner/esoteric kula

2016: leading a common kula

I was born and raised up in České Budějovice, and now I am living in Dolní Třebonín, in a village south of České Budějovice.