Because we are based in the Czech Republic, the common schedule is intended for local practitioners, mainly in—what we call—preparatory classes. There are also systematically held meditations in different cities or places of which the ‘Regular Saturday meditation’ is the most advanced, being an all-day sādhanā cycle which has been taking place continuously from 2010 till now.

What may be meaningful for people from abroad is to be engaged in higher practices according to our school’s esoteric teachings. Nevertheless, these are promoted for advanced practitioners only. Keep in mind, such practices require your profound dedication and is deeply transformative.

Advanced mystical teachings, for individuals, Prague

• Led by Rasa Ravi, founder of our school.

• An ideal aspirant is one who is already a long-time practitioner, who knows how to meditate, and has some degree of knowledge derived from Indian or mystical literature, but who is unable to proceed further and is searching for a new path.

• Goddess-centered worship, divine Love bhakti, ‘scanning’ the esoteric space with maṇḍala-sādhanā, strict breathing-techniques, visualizations.

• The first meetings are held in Prague; a personal contact is crucial. Later on they can be held via video-apps like WhatsApp.

Once Love summoned us and tasted our devotion,
will make us slaves, torturing our heart,
but we willingly give up any wish or notion,
as from people’s faraway world we step by step depart.