Practice (sādhanā) in ardhaśikharas

Sādhanās are held in our three ardhaśikharas as well as privately at home or in nature. The ardhaśikharas are numbered according to the date of their establishment.

1. ardhaśikhara
Secluded meditation cottage house

landlord and manager: Richard Mag
Blatenská pahorkatina hilly area

The cottage house is situated in a solitary place between forests and meadows approximately halfway between the towns of Nepomuk and Horažďovice. In the region you can find many small lakes and reservoirs or even rock pools.

This place is best for a sādhanā of 1–5 persons. Beside individual practice, the Regular Saturday Meditation cycle has been held here right from the beginning of the cottage’s purchase. It is dedicated to spiritual practice.

1. ardhaśikhara, Blatenská pahorkatina hilly area

2. ardhaśikhara
School “Měsíc ve dne” (“Daylight Moon”)

led by Vojtěch Nárovec, landlord
České Budějovice, Nová 3

Our school was established in 2016 by setting up its first group (later called common kula). Our seat is in a building owned by my family, where you will find a literary café of the same name, a gallery and a small shop with goods from India. We have special rooms for meditation and chanting as well as for practicing āsanas. You can sleep over, cook meals and use the bathroom, etc.

At first our school was focusing on “classical western” yoga, i.e. practicing āsanas and related haṭha techniques. In 2018, from its more serious core members, a second group (later called inner/esoteric kula) was created. It dedicated itself to meditation and visualizations.

In the year 2020 I joined the teachings of the School of Śikharins and since then I have restructured my activities according to its so called jāla scheme.

The teaching for advanced persons comprises śākta-śaiva techniques, as they are not only the holders of the esoteric knowledge passed down by traditions through ages, but are also capable of describing and unfolding the inner secrets of our own being.

2. ardhaśikhara, České Budějovice

3. ardhaśikhara
Dolní Třebonín

led by Vojtěch Nárovec, landlord

This ardhaśikhara is situated at the very edge of a village 15 km south of České Budějovice, just a few steps from gorgeous natural sites. This is the place where I now live, too. It has a big garden where I plan to build a wooden gazebo for special meditations.

The seat is best for a visit for advanced meditations lasting several days. It has its dedicated meditation room. You can sleep over, and there is everything you need for a stay, including wi-fi.

3. ardhaśikhara, Dolní Třebonín