Where nobody wishes to be loved

Rasa Ravi, 2022

One who’s eager to hear love’s call,
will not be embosomed by Love.
If you seek liberty above all,
don’t set off on the path to Love.

Hail to the Self-destroyer
who tramples down all identifiers!
Hail to the All-pain-giver
who on our faith mercilessly fires!

Freedom is a high abode
  of a serf leaving the dark.
    Chasing happiness is fake.
Liberation is a high abode
  of an absolute monarch.
    Still dreaming, not awake.

Where nobody wishes to be loved—
  all desires fulfilled
    in Love’s heavy chains.
Where no one cares for each other—
  all stances stilled,
    imbedded care reigns.

Don’t seek Love:
Love doesn’t Love us,
Love doesn’t Love love,
Love doesn’t Love Love.

Like spoken words don’t speak,
Love doesn’t Love.

Only Goddess Loves.

Love is Her touch,
touch is Her caress
of our souls
when we open our hearts,
like a home
which has windows everywhere,
all over the walls, roof and floor—
Without shutter and frame.

Don’t seek Love.
Seek Its Giveress.
The Goddess.