Touching by presence

Rasa Ravi, 2022

You touch our souls by Your presence,
like fire radiates its warmth towards our chest
while sitting near to it in cold weather,
gazing at its marvelous play to manifest:

—The young fire, the fast and furious,
eager to taste the surroundings it catches,
indiscriminately embracing all its neighbors,
uniting them until their destiny matches.

—The adult fire of flaming pillars
with sky-elevated tongues ready to teach,
exchanging the glow-how with the heavens
for maintaining the order within their reach.

—The old fire of exhausted ember
lazily trying to snatch what it still can,
with dimmed elegance clothed in dark.
If fuel is given: a new rebirth began.

I am a cold-blooded lizard who can’t move,
with limbs stretched out stiffly in surrender,
lying on the heavy rock of my heart,
awaiting You to warm me up tender.