Teach me how to love

Rasa Ravi, 2021

Words are like proud mountains
rising over each other higher and higher
as if they could reach the ethereal realm
where words lose their meaning, with no destination.

They forget to look deep down to the roots,
to see what base are they founded on,
to feel what ground their feet touch,
to realize who washes all the dirt away.

Your riverbed flows between them,
O Goddess, in the valley of love,
Your riverbed always finds its way out
and can run even where no rocks force their shade.

Philosophy is master of words, but goes astray
if it thinks it is the master of anything else.
It is a proficient constructor, but has no access to love,
which it should endeavor to adore and serve with all its effort.

Sadhana builds only itself up alone, although
a good helpmate which we always can rely on,
but it should be just a tool, not dogma,
as no sadhana leads to the heart’s inner secret.

Discipline is an honorable teacher
who pushes our laziness towards an order,
but it becomes a domineering usurper if we think
this is the only way, we all must do the same.

With discipline only mundane success is reached,
blinded by parroting of those clothed in tradition.
Get naked. What remains? What is the real core?
Free yourself from the pageant of social expectations.

Ethics are an enlivening balm for the righteous,
we should never get off their stairway,
but they alone are just a never-ending road
while their shape sometimes changes over time.

With a mandala we build mighty palaces,
a thousand-chambered divine sanctuary.
But for what? But for who? For what reason?
If it is empty and the Goddess does not come.

None of these can reach You, O Goddess,
none of them can lead to You, by no way.
Only by sincere devotion do You come closer,
only by worship do You open our hearts for love.

O Goddess, teach me how to love.
I don’t know how to love with Love
with which You have showered this heart.
Is it possible for a human to learn?

Is there any connection between my tiny love
and the Love which You poured into ‘this You’?
Why do we even use the same word
when Your sacred Love is only in You?

If I am not, and You come,
Your Love shines in Your heart.
If I am, Your Love is gone,
for this tiny love only longing remains.

O Goddess, teach me how to love.
I really don’t know how to love.