Sex in the Heart

Rasa Ravi, 2020
translation from the original Czech, 2021

When the Heart is offered
to be consumed
by the Goddess,
I tear It out of myself.

I open the bars of unfreedom:
one rib after another.
I unfold my chest behind the nipples,
having twelve starlike rays.

By the key-bone, being the key, I insert my arms
into the endless space of my chest
searching for my pampered Bloom.

I want to pluck It out but It doesn’t let it happen –
It has vast roots everywhere,
the whole world is overgrown with them.

But the desire to satisfy the Goddess is stronger,
so, I forcefully pluck out the Bloom, the Heart,
with the whole world included.

In my palms, sticky from blood,
I offer It to the Goddess.

The splashing blood of fear overwhelmed my head.
In an instant it will crap out, poor fellow,
it is too miniscule to be able to comprehend.

There is no way to think, only Feel.
Where consciousness cannot go, Love can.

I connect the Heart to the extraembryonic basic Vein
and disconnect all the anastomoses from the Body.

The Heart is not mine anymore.
Nothing is mine.

The Goddess has accepted the offering,
has taken the Heart
and put It inside Herself.

Sex in the Heart.

Who was who?
Who is who?

To accept the atrocious polyvagal fear
as a favor of the Goddess.
Terrified, I sweat secret polyvaginal secretions.

The center of Being is outside the Body.

I am a tiny light spot,
a motionless little photon.

Even the Body is not mine,
truly, it was never mine.
It belongs to the Goddess,
is inside Her.

The Goddess is the sublime Teacher.
She teaches me through the Body
to live beyond where events happen.
I am inside of the Goddess.

Advaita has no access here –
like a child it clutches its toy:

The All-pervading, the One and the Oneness,
the Unity, the Highest, the Wholeness
are but freckles on the Goddess.