Pathless to You

Rasa Ravi, 2021

There are many wonderful paths with fruitful endings.
There are many heroic paths with thrones levitating towards the stars.
There are many beautiful paths with palaces and mighty empowerments.
There are many righteous paths embellished with sublime mandalas.

But none goes to You, O Goddess,
no path leads to You.
You cannot be found on the path
because You are all around it.

What is not on the path cannot be discussed.
What is not on the path cannot be argued about.
What is not on the path has no words for constructing concepts.
What is not on the path is unreachable by philosophy.

There is just Love, Being Love, Belove,
and Love doesn’t need anything else but Love.
Loving lacks nothing.
The path can be taught, the pathless cannot.

The wise path says:
‘Get off me!
Go! But leave behind yourself.
Go without your self.’