In Your tight embrace

Rasa Ravi, 2021

So beautiful,
so incredibly beautiful.
Even if I had the thousand eyes of Indra,
I couldn’t be surfeited with You, O Goddess,
I couldn’t fill my heart enough with Your shining blaze.
You are the very spring of all joy,
You are the very wellhead of the thread of life.

Forgetting even gasping,
forgetting even being elated,
forgetting even gazing,
forgetting even being still.

Body on Body: lying on the ground of nature
You stretch Yourself beneath me through verdure.
Fondling the grass, I feel as if I touched Your intimate parts.
You kiss me enticingly when words of exaltations leave my lips.
You touch me lovingly with a breeze seeking to bring me Your scent.

It is Your eyes I look into hypnotizing the blue of sky,
it is Your dance I look at watching little frogs jumping.
The hillside is but Your back showing its rear to the wind,
the cars are but Your flying thoughts passing here and there.
And what about those satellites lucky enough to catch a sunbeam
and trying to compete with distant stars?
And what about those streamlets, rills, brooks and rivers,
wishing to find a new place to irrigate?
Your freckles, Your veins. You, You, You.

Oh, and those mighty tall soldiers
whom people are killing and killing day after day,
those battlers in all-green uniforms,
rooted together to share their firm determination,
as a nation of the splendid forest,
shaking their many-armed hands in the wind
—as if Hindu gods would dance as pointsmen—
for keeping community alive,
for keeping life itself alive,
those fighters who are endangered
because people hate You worshipping only money,
those handsome warriors invisibly, tirelessly marshaling our lungs,
trying to catch planes flying by like disturbing flies,
trying to cradle the Moon like a baby in their crowns;
they are Your present to us to breathe vigor.

So beautiful,
so incredibly beautiful.
Even if I had the thousand vulvas of Indra,
I couldn’t be more excited, O Goddess,
I couldn’t fill my pelvis enough with Your dance.
You are the very fall of all the sorrow,
You are the very root of time of death.

In Your tight embrace I forget even when to gasp,
in Your tight embrace I forget even why to be elated,
in Your tight embrace I forget even where to gaze,
in Your tight embrace I forget even how to be still.

In Your tightly tight embrace, I got inside You.
I see that everything is happening inside You.
I see all of this from within You.

O Goddess,
when You swallow,
when You swallow the eater,
I dare to watch from the depth of You
how the food goes down to its destination,
how on its way down, all around,
millimeter by millimeter,
thousands and thousands are ardently copulating.
The strings of my nerves emit untamed melodies
as they resonate with their passionate scream,
with their torrid scream from drowning in the ocean,
in the ocean of sweat from Your tight embrace.

If only I could reside inside every single droplet of Your Waterfall.