I falsely claimed this body

Rasa Ravi, 2021

How could I be so wrong?
How could I be that wrong?
Don’t be angry at me, O Goddess,
don’t release Your fury on me.

I falsely claimed this body
and there is no excuse for it.
I sincerely apologize to all the inhabitants
of all ādhāras of all bhuvanas –
I am not your ruler, not even of myself.

Even this self is not itself, not its own,
but a slave to You, O Goddess.
Please, make me a good slave.
I wish to be.

I falsely claimed Your body.

I am very sorry I constantly forget
that this body is Yours.
I move with it as if it were mine,
I feel and perceive through it as if it were mine.
From where does this forgetfulness arise and why?

O Goddess, protect my soul against the ‘I.’