I cannot sing silently

Rasa Ravi, 2021

Dazzled by the glorious flaming disc at sunrise or sunset,
why do we want to share the moment,
why do we want others to experience our feelings?

Coming from the rush of the city and running to the forest,
why do we want to share the birdsong,
why do we want to share the smell of fungi,
why do we want to share the jumping of squirrels?

Even if we see a cute puppy,
why do we want to share that smile,
what is behind all of it?

Why do we want to share the joy from art,
why do we want to share the sentiment from music,
why do we want to share a good story from a book or movie?

What’s that uncontrollable magnet
which overrides our motor functions
and forces us to bow before flowers,
for a mere scent of tenderness?

Why do we want to share?

Because even those whose mind is clouded
seek a trace of relief from the ego,
when spontaneous happiness arises.

Because even those whose hearts are hardened
for a twinkling of an eye want to experience
a heartbeat of love usurped by nobody.

Because even those who did terrible things
eagerly grab a shard of mirror
showing their real face being goodness.

Because even those who make fun of the Divine
confusing It in crassness with denominations
are allured to Its inner Light.

I don’t know whether I want to share these songs,
but I do know, I cannot sing silently.
I want to praise You, O Goddess.

The songs burst out without giving me a choice.
They cannot be pushed back,
they are like bubbles of boiling water in a pot.
My soul is boiling, no lid can hush it.

Your Waters pierce out in exaltations
and I cannot help but awaiting You,
awaiting You to drink my song.