Our school’s Doctrine is expressed via four corpora. The first corpus teaches the Pillars, the second the Jālas and the third the Rules. The fourth corpus comprises our core Teaching.

The Pillars

The Pillars highlight fundamental attitudes to life, such as faith, non-harming, food, karma, self-inquiry, etc. The whole construction of our Doctrine (formulated by the Jālas) rests on them. Therefore, the Pillars must be absolutely stable, otherwise the construction collapses. These Pillars are similar to related principles and guidelines articulated by Indian traditions.

The Jālas

The Jālas constitute the very structure of our Doctrine. The Jālas themselves assume that they stand stably on the Pillars.

The concept of Jālas is rather complex but can be outlined with the help of the following questions: Who is a practitioner (śikharijāla), where to practice (śikharajāla), what and how to practice (sādhanajāla)? How long (kālajāla) to practice, what kind of feedback (bhāvanajāla) is present, and upon which authority (ādhikārajāla) is it practiced? Is there a deeper connection with the teacher (mālajāla and hṛjjāla)?

The Rules

The Rules address regulations for individuals, regulate interpersonal relationships within spiritual activities in a kula, śikhara or ardhaśikhara, examine and adjust human interactions during joint meditations, etc. They are intended to be followed primarily by those very close to our school, who have decided to follow our path, the path of śikharins.

Every community needs explicit rules of coexistence for its healthy functioning, thus their observance is essential. But if someone deviates from the principles it also needs a methodology for redress; for that reason, penalties need to be in place.

The Rules further define the coexistence of antarins in a śikhara. They also set guidelines for teachers.

The Teaching

This corpus is a collection of ideas for study as well as for sādhanā. They do not deal with the topics presented in the previous three corpora. They are not linked to a central theme as in the case of previous corpora, but some may form groups.

It should be emphasized that the fundamental mystical Teaching is based on oral transmission. The written part of the Teaching is always limited, and moreover as our website is still in progress, only a handful of articles have been published rather unsystematically as of yet.