A meditative esoteric school for advanced adepts

We are a novel meditative esoteric school, founded and based in the Czech Republic, devoting its effort to building a śikhara (shikhara), a dedicated ‘roof,’ where adepts could stay, practice and live for a given period, or even their whole lives. For the time being, we have at our disposal only ardhaśikharas or half-śikharas, which have limitations as for staying and practicing: from several days (for basic meditations) to several months (for complex sādhanās).

Culturally we are based on humanism and Europeanism, although our mystical background reflects the many diverse teachings of the Indian subcontinent of the premodern era. Especially the sāṃkhya-śaiva background in a Śakti-oriented world seems to be the closest for most of us. However, our school does not prescribe following any of these. Individuals are free to choose their preferred religious symbolism if they need it.

Instead of pinpointing some theoretically well-defined spiritual goal that is needed to be achieved, we appeal to long-term gradual training ‘from below,’ showing the need to overcome obstacles such as various karmas and mental constructions, at the center of which variously masked ‘I/me/mine-identifiers’ and ‘identity-owners’ reign. We focus on sustaining attention and handling disturbing elements, how to take breath as a living companion in discovering inner space, and how to open ourselves to the hidden secret.